Phil and Pam Long

Our vision for Noble Ridge Tree Deck reflects who we are.

We cultivate this space for those who choose to live rather than merely accumulate. For those who want to build castles in the air—to bring to life a vision that vanishes into the air or fades like the last note into the pristine silence of the forest—leaving a lasting memory. 

So this place is for those who know what truly matters in life, is life. It’s for the armchair philosopher who believes matter is actually made up of what really matters, and for the physicist who knows the universe is fundamentally more of a thought than a thing. It’s for the biologist who understands the fractal beauty woven into cellular DNA repeating its ephemeral formulas thru the design of every leaf and limb in the forest, and for the lover of nature who sees the beauty of it.

We are all made of stardust” in the end, and we share thisplace where others, too, can turn that dust into dreams, because this is what it means to be human.

little children
Photo credit: The Hearnes Adventure Photography
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